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What’s special about Digital Brain Labs?

Beautiful website and landing pages? Maybe.
Successful ad campaigns with amazing return on investment? Possibly.
Maybe the explosion of leads from our local SEO rankings? Perhaps.
But beyond all those things, it’s our team. Our commitment and integrity to our client’s success.

Meet the Brains

Mark Rabinovitsh


Mark has built several companies from scratch, some have been acquired while others are still successfully running. When he's not brainstorming strategy ideas to make business explode, he enjoys time with his miniature poodle and building hydroponic systems.

Mark knows a lot about marketing and he's been named Marketing Mark by many. Over the years he's helped small business owners exponentially grow and turn into successful multi-millionaires. When he takes on a new client, he makes it a point to learn everything about their business. Outside the box thinking and daring to try new innovative approaches is one of his super powers that make him stand out as a leader in his industry.

Has a miniature poodle that brews his morning coffee
Fluently speaks four different languages
His first side hustle was in 1st grade
Went to law school for no reason

Or Yostin

Project Manager

Or is one of Digital Brain Labs most valuable assets. Her unique superpower allows her to easily command several projects with impeccable attention to detail. When she's not a superhero at our Digital Brain Labs, she's enjoys her time with her husband and their adorable toddler.  

Used to think vampires lived in cement trucks
Started marketing at age 3, hustling tamales
Hates this bio photo the team chose for him

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